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Debt Bondage

“In India and other developing countries, loans range from $14 to $214, and are usually incurred for basic necessities like food, emergency needs, medical treatment, marriage dowry (a long-standing tradition), or funeral expenses. With exorbitant interest rates of up to 60 percent, these loans are difficult, if not impossible, to repay. Individuals thus become trapped within a system of debt bondage that forces them to repay loans by working unconditionally for their entire lives – even passing on the same debt for generations. Human rights groups estimate that 15 to 20 million slaves are represented by bonded labor in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal alone.”

Content cited from The Ricky Martin Foundation.
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Street Children in India

In 2011, UNICEF estimated there were 11 million street children in India. That number is considered a conservative estimate.

The Indian Embassy has estimated that there are 314,700 street children in the metro areas such as Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Kanpur, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, and around 100,000 in Delhi alone.

This information is cited from Consortium for Street Children.

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Restore International

If there’s a will, there’s always a way. In 2003, Bob Goff visited India and “witnessed atrocious human rights violations being committed against women and children, including forced prostitution and slave labor.” His experience awakened a passion to fight for social justice, which resulted in him founding Restore International, a non-profit organization committed to “fighting injustice.”

Since its initial start fighting against human trafficking in India, Restore International has since expanded into Northern Uganda. Specifically, Restore International built and funds “Restore Leadership Academy,” which is currently providing 250 children the opportunity to receive the education that will enable them to help rebuild their war-torn country.

There are many ways to get involved with the work Restore International is doing in India and Uganda. For starters, you could make a donation or chose to support a student at the Academy. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous however, you can go on a “Vision Trip,” to Uganda with Restore International and experience the work being done first hand.

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Love Wins.

This is a story about a girl named Suhana. “She was found and rescued not once, but twice.” Learn more about IJM, and the work they are doing to end human trafficking by clicking here.

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Sari Bari

Why do we give gifts? Gift giving is a way of showing our friends and family members that we care enough about them to sacrifice our time and/or money to give them something that they will like (or at least we hope so). More often then not however, the gifts we give end up getting buried at the bottom of the closet or (*gasp*) re-gifted.

Handmade gifts are usually the gifts that get buried the quickest. Gifts like that horrible wonderful sweater grandma knitted you for Christmas last year, or the warm itchy wool socks she made you for your birthday the year before. They are gifts you desperately want to be proud to use (for the sake of the person who made it), but you just can’t bring yourself to step outside of the house with.

Sari Bari specializes in a different category of handmade gifts. Everything sold by Sari Bari is handmade by a survivor of Kolkata, India’s red light district. Each unique item comes with the name of the woman who made it and tells a story of “new life, freedom and hope.” Sari Bari is committed to fighting against human trafficking by giving high-risk girls “life-giving education and work” before they can be exploited.

So next time you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to give that special someone in your life, consider buying one of Sari Bari’s handmade gifts. These gifts tell a story, and (not to belittle grandma’s knitting) they are gifts that can be used with pride and with the purpose of raising awareness.

To find out more about  and to view their products click here. If you visit soon you’ll be able to take advantage of their current sale. 10% all merchandise and free shipping!

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