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58: Project Finder

Sometimes we want to donate our time and money, but just don’t know a reliable and efficient organization to give to. 58: has made it easy. They have compiled a wonderful database of projects helping to change lives all over the world. You can filter them by Continent, Solution, or sort by Progress, Target, or Members.

As we have shared before, 58: is a global campaign of world-class poverty-fighting organizations working together to eradicate poverty. Learn more about 58: here.

Each project highlighted shares how many donors it currently has, the amount of money it has raised, the percentage of the amount of money it has raised, and its targeted goal. For example, Seeds are Life, which partners with ECHO, works with packaged seeds and how they can greatly influence a village. Currently, this project has only raised 58% or $5,114 of its targeted budget, which is $9,800. However, the cool thing is you can monitor the projects activity and see who and which groups are raising money for it; it creates a sense of community while raising support.

Check out the 58: Project Finder and see where you can help today!

To learn more or to donate to a 58: Project, click here.


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From a Humanitarian

The fact is that this generation — yours, my generation … we’re the first generation that can look at poverty and disease, look across the ocean to Africa and say with a straight face, we can be the first to end this sort of stupid extreme poverty, where in the world of plenty, a child can die for lack of food in it’s belly. – Bono

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The Hunger Site

CharityUSA has created a wonderful shopping website, The Hunger Site, where every purchase fights famine in the Horn of Africa and combats hunger in the United States. Each item purchased funds at least 25 cups of food for the hungry. They provided all kinds of shopping, such as jewelry, dresses, purses, home decor, chocolate, coffee, Fair Trade Certified items, and you can even purchase a goat for a family.

The Hunger Site contributes its profits through partnerships. They partner with Feeding America, Millennium Promise, and Mercy Corps.

Here are a few samples of The Hunger Sites works:

-Clean Water for Children

-Beekeeping training in Central America

-Bicycles for Zambian Health Workers

-High-efficiency Stoves for Darfur Refugees

-Emergency Relief for the Crisis in Pakistan

To learn more about The Hunger Site, click here.
To purchase items from The Hunger Site, click here.
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Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.


Cited from www.globalissues.org

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