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Kaleidoscope of Colors


Mark Your Calendars for The 29th Annual Planting Hope Gala:

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Saturday, October 12, 2013

5:30 in the Evening

Paradise Point Resort, San Diego

-Inspiring stories of transformation

-Sunset, cocktails, and silent auction on the Paradise Lawn overlooking Mission Bay

-Sumptuous dinner accompanied with California wine

-Live auction, Opportunity Drawing, and Fund-A-Need auction

-Free and convenient parking

Proceeds go toward empowering the rural poor to improve their lives and land.

To learn more about Plant with Purpose, click here.

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Happy Earth Day!

photo-22In celebration of Earth day, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with Plant with Purpose at San Diego’s Balboa Park Earth Day Fair. I helped introduce the public to Plant with Purpose, educate on the amazing partnerships they have with rural farmers and communities across the globe, and raise support to plant trees.

In correlation with Earth Day, Plant with Purpose has proudly announced their huge milestone of 10 million trees having been planted internationally in the effort to reverse the effect that deforestation has on the rural poor.

“The result of these trees going into the ground has been significant. Take for example, Charicia Exalus, a 68
year-old-widow who lives in Fonds-Verrettes, Haiti—a country where only 2 percent of the original forest remains. Thirteen years ago, the land Charicia owns was a barren hillside full of rocks and without trees. She utilized the training received from Plant With Purpose and began composting, building soil protection barriers, and planting trees. Charicia says, “Today, I am able to give fruits (oranges, avocados) to anyone who asks. I am a widow. I live with little. But in truth, we always have something to eat that comes from my home.” photo-23

Planting trees is changing lives! If you’d like to plant a tree in honor of this accomplishment, donations can be made here. ”

To learn about Plant with Purpose, click here.








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Today is Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving! It is a day to be grateful for all that we have and an opportunity to give toward the causes we believe in.

Plant With Purpose’s work is transforming the lives of the rural poor in 278 communities worldwide. This means parents are providing for their families through financial stability, food security, improved health, and spiritual growth. With just a little knowledge, some tools, and resources, dignity and bright futures are within reach. Your financial gift TODAY will give hope to families around the world!

Give through Plant With Purpose’s Online Gift Catalog that can be found here.

Plant With Purpose also benefits when items are purchased through these partners:

Your generosity is healing the land and its people! For that, we are grateful.

This post has been re-blogged from Plant with Purpose. Click here, to view the post. Click here, to learn more about Plant with Purpose.

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Plant With Purpose

“Environmental Solutions to Humanitarian Problems”

Deforestation is a huge problem in the farmlands of some of the poorest countries on the planet. Deforestation is the removal of trees or forest which creates an unusable and a nutrient depleted soil. In places like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Tanzania deforestation is making an impact. Although many of the farmers using this land have been doing the same practice for years, they still have yet to create successful ways to harvest their own land. In desperation to feed their families, they cut down the remaining trees which are protecting their soil to sell for firewood. Thus their crops are unsuccessful the following year and the disastrous cycle continues, while they continue to “depend on the environment for survival.”

In this unsuccessful cycle, Plant With Purpose comes to the rescue in 250 communities in six countries through its simple form of planting trees to end poverty. However, Plant With Purpose stands out amongst others, because they do not do the work entirely themselves. That may sound weird, however it actually makes more sense. Instead of sweeping into a foreign land and taking over, they harvest and work with locals “giving them solutions to many of their own problems when given more opportunity, access to resources, and appropriate coaching” and then those local volunteers go and lead their own villages. Those locals work alongside Plant With Purpose, each country providing “a full-time, in-country staff, all native to their respective countries” and knowledgable about their land.

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