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U2 Invisible (RED)

“All proceeds from each sale of the song featured […] will be donated to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – the charitable recipient for (RED). Although the single is no longer available for free, the song is still available for purchase, with proceeds going toward finding a cure for HIV and AIDS. (RED) was founded to get people and companies involved in the fight against AIDS. The world is facing a major opportunity in the fight – the goal of ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015. Supporting this goal is easier than you might think. Download today.”


Click here to download and donate.


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(Red) Rush to Zero

Check-in on Foursquare between June 1st – 10th: Every time you do Starbucks will donate $1 to help fight AIDs. 

Starbucks’ goal is $250,000. They will contribute $1 to (RED) for every check-in on foursquare in Starbucks stores in the US & Canada. Click here, to check-in at Foursquare.

To learn more about (RED), click here.

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The Beginning of the End of Aids

“An HIV + Pregnant women can give birth to an HIV FREE baby.

98% of Mother-to-Child HIV transmission incidents ARE preventable.

Yet, more than 1,000 babies are born every day with HIV.

And HALF of children born with HIV will DIE before their 2nd birthday without treatment.

So what will it take to virtually END the transmission of HIV from mothers to their babies by 2015?

We need to get 1.4 million HIV + Pregnant women on medication – medication that costs around 40 CENTS a day.

It’s Doable. The beginning of the end of AIDS starts with YOU.”

This information is cited from (2015)Quilt, to learn more click here.

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“Every day, 1,000 babies are born with HIV.” – The (RED) Manifesto

One organization fighting to eliminate AIDS in the world is (RED). This brand teams up with other partners such as Gap, Converse, and Apple to sell its products. Product (RED) “partners agree to give up 50% of the profits from Product (RED) items directly to the Global Fund, to fight AIDS in Africa(in the countries: Rwanda, Lesotho, Swaziland, Ghana, Zambia, and South Africa). The consumer does not pay extra for this. (RED) never handles this money – it is sent directly to the Global Fund with no overhead taken out.” So, every penny from the sale goes to the Global Fund.

“To date, over $180 Million has been generated and over 7.5 Million People Have Been Reached through (RED)- supported global fun HIV/AIDS programs.”

For more products and organizations that support (RED) check out their website http://www.joinred.com/red/

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