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Save the Date

2012 Global Human Trafficking Conference

Abolish 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking

Who: Any individual fighting to abolish slavery and human trafficking. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Metro Task Force on Human Trafficking and promoted by Slavery No More. To view a list of the speakers, click here. To view a list of the exhibitors, click here.

What: “An annual forum convening local and federal law enforcement, anti-trafficking government agencies and NGOs, business and legal-community leaders, state and federal policy makers, international representatives and journalists to explore trafficking trends, foster increased education, inter-agency and NGO participation, and to inform and inspire influential business leaders and the public on how and why they can and should take immediate action to help abolish 21st century slavery and human trafficking, for the sake of the 27 million innocent victims worldwide.”

Where: Skirball Cultural Center, Ahmanson Hall, Los Angeles, California

When: August 10-11, 2012

To learn more about this event, click here.

For directions to this event, click here.
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An Interview with Jocelyn White

Who are you?

I am a wife and a mother who simply has a desire to see freedom and justice for all.

How did you become interested in social justice?

I watched a DVD for Willowcreek’s Leadership Summit where President and Founder of International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen, spoke.  As He was sharing about God’s heart for justice and inviting us to be part of their work, he showed photos and videos of the violent oppression and injustices all over the world, and within seconds, they no longer became somebody’s family member, their clients became my family and my friends- it became personal.  As he shared how IJM is seeking justice in the poorest regions of the world and securing freedom and justice, I knew that engaging with them would be my first step in working towards our family’s life mission of seeking freedom and justice for all.

What inspired you to found Slavery No More?

I had been a volunteer with the LA Metro Task Force Against Human Trafficking for a number of years, and I was able to learn more about the role of law enforcement and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).  My husband, who is the Co-Founder of Slavery No More with me, and I never wanted to start “just another NGO” because we saw how under resourced the existing ones were, and the great work they were doing.  Instead, we were more of a Community Based Organization, hosting and organizing events and forums to bring about awareness and inspire mobilization.  Our events were getting larger and we wanted to reach out to more and more people, churches and community groups, but we found that most churches and groups were less likely to join a “movement” without a substantiated foundation.   We also saw that there were things we could do to assist a number of Aftercares and Safe Homes by organizing volunteers and collections, but we needed to have a non-profit status in order to move forward in a significant way.

What sets Slavery No More apart from other anti-trafficking/slavery organizations?

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Slavery No More

All good things start with a catalyst–ours was Slavery No More. Towards the end of last year, we attended a one-day Slavery No More conference at a local church. This blog is a result of our experience at the conference; our response to the urgent call for change we were presented with.

Slavery No More is doing something similar to what we are trying to do with this blog, but with a specific focus: Slavery & Human Trafficking. According to their website, Slavery No More’s mission is “to resource a diversity of the most effective organizations working to combat and abolish modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and to create awareness and a diversity of opportunities for meaningful personal engagement.” In light of this mission, Slavery No More puts on numerous Anti-Slavery and Trafficking focused conferences each year as well as sponsors various other related events. In addition, a quick visit to their website reveals a plethora of different organizations, products and ways to “take action” in this abolition movement.

We encourage you to at least check out their Facebook page or visit the Slavery No More website and check-out the page entitled “products that free.” If you are anything like us, you’re probably always wondering what you can do and how you can join the fight against these injustices with limited time and resources. The answer: You can be more aware of where and how you spend your money. Dare to buy and give “products that free”–that’s one small but meaningful contribution you can make to the anti-slavery & human trafficking movement today.

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Report a Crime

Indicators of Human Trafficking:

  • Restricted or controlled communication or transportation
  • Someone has their identification and travel documents
  • Barbed wire or bars on windows to keep one in
  • Large number of occupants for living space
  • Signs of torture such as scars, branding, or malnourishment
  • Massage parlors refusing to service women
  • Men come and go frequently
  • Individuals who have no contact with friends or family or access to identification documents, bank accounts, or cash
  • Homes or apartments with inhumane living conditions
  • Workplaces where psychological manipulation and control are used
  • People whose communication and movements are always monitored
  • Places where locks and fences are positioned to confine occupants
  • For more indicators, click here.

Report if you suspect human trafficking or slavery:

  • 911
  • National Human Trafficking Hotline                 888.3737.888
  • Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking     800.655.4595
  • Children of the Night                                      800.551.1300
  • Treasures Ministry                                         323.937.9525
  • Equal Employment Opportunity                      213.894.1046
  • Law Enforcement                                          866.347.2423
  • FBI: Tips webpage                                        https://tips.fbi.gov/

Cited from Slavery No More and the FBI.

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