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Gifts that Keep Giving: Eyewear

Do you a friend or family member who wears glasses or just likes wearing glasses to look cool (like me)? If so, check out Warby Parker’s Holiday Spectacle Bazaar. In honor of the holidays, Warby has released a whole new holiday collection of their signature hip and trendy inspired glasses. As always, for just $95 (this INCLUDES prescriptions) you can purchase a unique pair of glasses this holiday season and through their “Buy a Pair Give a Pair” slogan, Warby Parker will also donate to partner organization that focuses on bringing affordable glasses to those in need of them. Check out the Holiday Spectacle Bazaar by clicking here.

If you don’t have any friends or family who wear glasses, there’s no need to worry! Warby also has a whole collection of SUNGLASSES! In addition, if you click here, you can pick up a pair of Warby’s unisex, limited edition Pencils of Promise sunglasses that feature a batman-inspired, “perfect-for-autumn honey hue,” and Warby will donate $30 to Pencils of Promise–a non-profit devoted to building schools in the developing world. (*Update: It looks like Everett frames may be out of stock, but it looks like the Aldous frames are still available!)

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Educating with Style

Our most favorite trendy eyewear provider, Warby Parker (see our previous post about Warby Parker here), has teamed up with an organization called Pencils of Promise which builds schools in the developing world. For every pair of limited edition eyeglasses (pictured above), Warby Parker will donate $30 towards Pencils of Promise’s goal to break ground on their 100th school by the end of the year. Click on the picture above to support this collaboration or check out our previous post about Warby Parker to learn other ways you can help Warby Parker make a difference in the developing world.

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Invisible Children

I still remember that day back in 2006, when one of my best friends informed me that she was going to sleep under a bridge for a night to help raise awareness for this organization called “Invisible Children.” Not only did I think she was crazy, but  I had also never heard of it. Almost four years later, I’m just now realizing how big and influential this organization really is.

Back in 2003, three young filmakers from San Diego went to Uganda for an “adventure.” They came back with footage they released as a documentary called “Invisible Children: Rough Cut.” It documents the terror the LRA under the infamous Joseph Kony has brought primarily to Uganda, but also to the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic. The documentary helped raise awareness regarding the horrible atrocities being committed by the LRA, and ultimately helped bring about the Juba Peace Talks in 2006, which brought temporary peace to these areas. Although the LRA movement is steadily decreasing, Invisible Children is dedicated to helping the nations that have been effected by it through rebuilding and educational projects.

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Warby Parker Eyewear

As time goes on, it seems as if more and more people are wearing glasses. I guess it is because of the countless hours we spend staring at our computers, cell-phones, and TVs each day. Just three months into law school, I found my myself suffering from major headaches and eye problems. In order to preserve my near perfect eyesight, I decided to buy a pair of reading glasses. In my search I stumbled quite accidentally on a company called WarbyParker. Started by a quartet of imperialistic globe-trotters with a “strong desire to make a world a better place,” WarbyParker is the place to go for affordable glasses. With their “Buy a Pair Give a Pair” slogan, the $95 a WarbyParker customer spends buying a uniquely designed pair of glasses, also goes to funding or giving an actual pair of glasses to partner organization that focuses on bringing affordable glasses to those in need of them. So next time you need a pair of glasses, check out WarbyPaker for a pair of hip new glasses and in doing so you will be also helping someone else who would not have otherwise been able to afford a pair get a pair as well.

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