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Gifts that Keep Giving: Coffee

Who wouldn’t say no to a bag or two or even a year’s supply of coffee? Check out your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean for some limited edition fair-trade coffee bags. If you’re feeling more adventurous/generous however, check out Kopur Coffee’s website and give a special someone a 4-12 month coffee subscription. By doing so, they’ll get a variety of exotic coffees from Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Mexico and Ethiopia, and you’ll help provide a small-time coffee grower and his family with sustainable income.

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Drink with Purpose

What happens when you combine the Melanesian word for coffee, Kopi, and the word purpose? You get Kopur, a brand new company “passionate about coffee” and “committed to using it to help alleviate poverty around the globe.” Kopur’s commitment to alleviating poverty is displayed in its promise to donate $2.50 from each bag of coffee purchased from its online store to a not-for profit of their customer’s choice. Madan Estate coffee from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopian Yirgacheffee are just two examples of the selection of the ethnically diverse selection Kopur’s online store offers. In addition to the option of purchasing individual bags of coffee, Kopur also offers its customers with an ingenious 4-12 month “Kopur-licious” subscription option that allows customers to “buy once, and sip for months.” Oh and did we mention that it includes free shipping? Click on the picture below to visit Kopur’s online store.

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Project 7: Projects for Good

Greed. Pride. Gluttony. These are just a few of the notorious seven deadly sins. But what if we turned those seven sins upside down? Project 7 does just that. For example, “instead of focusing on a person who is gluttonous, focus on helping the person who has nothing to eat.” Project 7 accomplishes their goal to make a positive difference through seven different global needs. Heal the Sick. Save the Earth. House the Homeless. Feed the Hungry. Quench the Thirsty. Teach Them Well. And Hope for Peace. There are three ways Project 7 accomplishes these global needs:

1. Funding: “You buy. We give.” Their intension is not for you to buy more stuff, just change what you buy. Project 7 offers their products online and at several retail locations. Their products include: water, coffee, t-shirts, mints, and gum.

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Starbucks Coffee Company

Everyday millions of people drink a warm cup of coffee from leading seller, Starbucks Coffee Company. Most don’t know however, that as they drink their delicious cup of coffee, they may be helping provide fair wages and good working conditions to the farmers who grow the coffee. While each pound of coffee served by the Starbucks Coffee Company is part of Starbucks’ Shared Planet brand and partnered with Conservation International, only two types are officially Fair Trade Certified: Cafe Estima Blend and Italian Roast. Ironically, Starbucks’ “bold pick of the day” is none other than the Fair Trade Certified Italian Roast! Pick up a cup today!

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